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Pearl producer since 1996 - Handmade from Tahiti with love 🫶

Our respect for the environment

Ahinavai Pearl, actor of a responsible and committed approach over the long term

We have chosen to use organic and natural materials, both for the nucleus and for the supply of the farm, thus ranking us among the most environmentally friendly Polynesian pearl farms. Thanks to this economy, employment is preserved on the atoll, in a sustainable manner, allowing young people to remain living on their island.

From the start, our pearl farm has been part of an ethical approach of global vigilance aimed at reducing environmental impacts both with regard to pearl oysters (nacres) and to the lagoon eco-system.

Active member of the management committee of the lagoon of Arutua, we work positively to save it and apply a reasoned production management for a sustainable pearl culture. The farming of pearl oysters conforms to their specific growth and biological cycle.
The choice of high quality certified organic nucleus respects the organism of pearl oysters and avoids infections during grafting.
The manufacturing process adapts to the rhythm of the oysters and incorporates regular ecological checks and cleaning in order to maintain their good health.

In collaboration with the Department of Marine Resources of French Polynesia, we seek daily to improve our working techniques in order to sustainably preserve our ecological environment. Our electricity needs are met by solar panels set up on the roofs of the farm. As for fresh water, it comes from rainwater collection facilities.

Our food source is mainly fishing. We plant fruit trees such as the Uru "Bread Tree" based on traditional Ma'a Tahiti and partly cultivate our vegetables. We also protect Polynesian bees and the flora of the atoll by naturally taking care of several hives.

The CO2 impact of transport is minimal, in particular due to the unit weight and the storage volume of our jewelry.


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