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Pearl producer since 1996 - Handmade from Tahiti with love 🫶

How do we sort and select our pearls?


Once the precious gems are collected, the beads are collected in batches and are then carefully sorted by our sorter, the latter will then collect the beads a second time in batches, this time according to various criteria:

The color

Commonly known as black pearls, Tahitian cultured pearls offer a wide range of colours. They come in their natural state in an infinite palette of shades unique in the world: eggplant, peacock feather, green, blue, grey, white... For this criterion, the choice is above all a story of tastes... and colors!


Tahitian cultured pearls are generally between 8 and 14 mm. Exceptionally, some exceed 18 mm, and are then considered treasures of great rarity.

The shape

Tahiti's cultured pearl comes in a multitude of shapes, usually divided into 5 categories: Round/semi-round, Oval/buttons, Drop, Cerclées, Semi Baroque Baroques While round beads have long been the most popular with buyers, the other categories are attracting more and more designers, drawing inspiration from their original yet natural shapes to design unique jewelry.

The sparkle

The brilliance of a pearl is composed of the chandelier and the orient. The luster or shine of brilliance can be assessed according to the more or less perfect reflection of the light on the surface of the bead. A beautiful chandelier corresponds to a total reflection of light giving a mirror effect. On the contrary, the lower the luster, the duller the effect. As for the orient, it defines the iridescent of the pearl that results from the decomposition of light through the mother-of-pearl secretions. A beautiful orient then results in a soft rainbow hue, similar to the one that colors soap bubbles.


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